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Welcome to The Vixen Games Designs Board.
This is where we show and talk about our designs.
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Our designs are meant for people with monogamish lifestyles. That means we design for people in the swingers lifestyle, polyamory, hotwifing, and other forms of consensual nonmonogamy.
Our primary focus is on the Vixen and Stag dynamic because that is our main jam.
If you just want to shop our store or browse the designs go HERE – (directory) We encourage it. That is what we make these designs for.

We began this project because we ourselves thought it would be fun to have some T-shirts that fit our Vixen and Stag dynamic, but when we went to look for them we found nothing fun, nothing interesting, and nothing original. What did exist was as lame as it could get.
One half of our team already was a designer of T-shirts, just not Vixen and Stag related designs. Nothing monogamish at all. We decided that even though hotwifing and the Vixen and Stag lifestyle were a small niche, they (and we) wanted some way to represent.
As we are not purists in our Vixen and Stag shenanigans we branched out quickly to other forms of hotwife lifestyles and then to the swingers lifestyle. Requests brought us into making things for cuckolds and then polyamory types.
It then became a mission to get some fun designs out there that represented all types of people in monogamish lifestyles and those who are into consensual nonmonogamy.
We are working on it, and it is fun. We have loved the support we have gotten from people and the great comments from people who’ve gotten our shirts.

We ask that if you are a Stag, Vixen, Hotwife, Swinger, or any other sort of monogamish person who enjoys what we do, just keep supporting us as you have until our catalog is completed.

Our involvement in this project also made it seem necessary to talk a bit about the Vixen and Stag lifestyle.
That led to our creating VIXEN-GAMES.COM where we not only soft sell our shirt designs, but also talk about the Vixen and Stag dynamic, hotwifing, cuckolding, kinks, and swingers lifestyle.
It has been exciting to watch the site grow and see so much interest.

If you need to sum us up…
Vixen Games:
Advocating the Vixen Stag lifestyle dynamic.
Creating original designs for the monogamish.
Hotwife, Swinger Lifestyle with a Vixen and Stag Focus.

Design methods for our stuff consist of a combination of things. We use both traditional art methods and digital. Often it is a combination of both. I as the designer pre-date decent computer graphic design software so I still utilize a lot of traditional techniques. I also embraced the graphic programs as they slowly got better over the years and that resulted in me using both methods.

The ideas we come up with are usually spawned by conversations and observations. Our own monogamish minds tend to allow us to easily get a grip on what others may want. We try to design for you as a monogamish person and ourselves. We are our own customers.
We get that a Vixen Hotwife shirt that says something naughty on it can’t be worn to the supermarket.
We also get that a simple VIXEN shirt may not get the point across as much as you’d like in other situations.
We, therefore, design for G-rated daily wear and for that pineapple people party barbeque you want to attend that has not one vanilla person around. We design classy, funny, and sometimes semi-rude shirts. We especially enjoy making flirty designs. It is all in fun.
We hope you enjoy our designs.

Besides our Vixen Games Designs Store, we also upload many of our Vixen Games Designs to POD sites.
If you already shop through one of them check us out.
Here is a bit about them.

Vixen Games RedBubble.
This one is probably the best place to get a nice variety of our Vixen and Stag designs. Their products are of good quality and if you are into our stickers then you’ll love the variety we’ve added. At this point, there are close to 200 different designs for Stags, Bulls, Vixens, Swingers, etc.

Vixen Games Speadshop.
This is the place to visit if you’d like a different selection in shirt styles and fabrics. In this shop you will find roughly around half of the designs we make. The designs are usually sized medium to small on the shirts. We started using this place mostly because they have some wonderful shirt brands and styles not available everywhere else for our designs.

If you can’t find exactly the design you saw from us on either of the above-mentioned, then we would recommend Vixen Games TeePublic. Not a huge selection of items, but almost every design we make is listed on either a simple shirt or something else on this site.
The shirt cuts and fabric is what I’d call basic, but we upload everything there so as far as design selection goes you will find a lot.

Vixen Games Designs Logo

Lastly, if you want something special and can’t find it in our Vixen Games Designs Store or on our POD sites let us know. We love other people’s perspectives and welcome ideas for designs catering to monogamish lifestyles like swingers, cucks, kinksters, and all the different flavors of hotwives imaginable.
No guarantee we’ll make it, but we may. If you simply must have something and wish a custom design we will do them usually as long as the order is for one dozen or more shirts.

We hope you enjoy our project, and we thank all of you who have been following along and sharing our posts on Vixen-Games. Those mentions and shares on your blogs, profiles, and social media accounts have helped us a lot. We appreciate you.