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This is just a quick navigation page for ease of browsing.
The first section takes you directly to shopping pages where you can get our awesome shirts, hoodies, hats, bikinis, and more.
The second section is to help you view our designs with a bit of topic guidance.
Not all designs are included in the subject-specific sections, so if you want to see them all browse all.

We are a specialty niche-specific design team. Our primary focus is designing T-shirts for Vixen Hotwives and Stags.
As we are advocates for all types of consensual nonmonogamy and monogamish lifestyles we also design many shirts for Swingers, cuckolds, polyamorous, and of course hotwives who are not involved with the Vixen and stag lifestyle.
Our shirt designs are unique and we aim to have something for everyone no matter your style.

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Your suggestions are welcome, and we often use ideas people have pitched at us, but there is no guarantee we’ll make it. If you wish to have something custom designed we will do them usually with no added fees as long as the order is for one dozen or more shirts. If they are event-specific shirts we will waive design fees only if the order is for two dozen or more.

If you like what we are doing here, and hope (as we do) to someday see more acceptance of monogamish lifestyles the best way to support us and our project is simply to buy some shirts. That is what allows us to have the time to make them and to write about the Vixen and Stag dynamic. The next best way is to help us spread the word about our designs and also share articles from Vixen-Games.Com (the Vixen and Stag dynamic explored).

Now, find yourself a design!