Hotwife Matchsticks Shirt

Check out the Hotwife matchsticks shirt.
What we have here is the word “HOTWIFE” spelled out in wooden matchsticks for the hottest of hot wives in existence, which is of course the wives who live the hotwife lifestyle.
Only one match is aflame, but you never know what could ignite the others.

We made a few different shirt versions, a classic hoodie, and also an embroidered beanie. It’s a waffle-style beanie which is one of our faves.

Here is a view of the Hotwife Matchsticks Hoodie. Pink, but many colors are available.

Hotwife Matchsticks Shirt and hoodie from Vixen games for hotwives

Purchase Links:

Hotwife Matchsticks Classic Cut T-shirt (printed on the front, just $16.)

Hotwife Matchsticks woman’s fit T-shirt Back Printed (The design is printed large on the back and small on the front left chest area)

Our Hotwife Matchsticks high wasted T-shirt (front print shirt)

Hotwife Matchsticks Hoodie (classic hoodie with the design on the front)

Hotwife Embroidered Matchsticks Waffle Beanie (discrete in birch, bold in black)