Hotwives Love Chocolate Shirt

We see a lot of QOS and BBC shirts with repetitive designs, and seldom any humor in them. We design a lot of QOS and BBC-themed shirts ourselves that are both serious and funny. The Queen of Spades theme runs deep in the hotwife world. This Hotwives Love Chocolate Shirt design was meant as a humorous take on that theme, and though completely different was partly inspired by our Donut Wife innuendo shirt design which we made in the same setting.

The Donut innuendo shirt was made for a man married to a hotwife who likes to play the part of a QOS into the BBC. She’s the donut, chocolate is on top, and she is filled with cream. Innuendos galore.
This shirt was created for the hotwife herself to wear. If she loves chocolate that is.
The beautiful one of our design duo will play that part, but really has no preference herself.
Even so, it makes for a fun and flirtatious shirt. It is suggestive too, so if a man knows what a hotwife is could get some attention, but we all know it is a very small percentage who do.

We have a hoodie version and a T-shirt available.

Hotwives Love Chocolate Shirt

Purchase Links:

Back Print Hotwives Love Chocolate T-shirt (Soft Style shirt with design also on the front left chest)

Triple Print Hotwives Love Chocolate Hoodie (The design is printed on the front and both sleeves)