Fierce Stag T-shirt

Fierce Stag T-shirt with the design printed large on the back and small on the front.  The design features powerful and semi-stoic Stag artwork. There is no text, so though this design was created with Stag husbands married to Vixen wives in mind it can be considered just a really cool T-shirt for anyone who likes stags. This is a semi-heavyweight Tee and this version is exclusive to VixenGamesDesigns.Com You may find the design with the text VIXEN GAMES added via our other stores if you prefer to have it with text. The zip front hoodie version has the design on the back only.

This view (shown) is of the back of the T-shirt where it is printed large.

Fierce Stag T-shirt back view of shirt

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Fierce Stag T-shirt

Fierce Stag Back Print zippy hoodie

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