That kind of unicorn shirt

There are a lot of different types of unicorns. If you are in the swinger lifestyle and you think of a unicorn you have a very specific type in mind. If you identify as a unicorn and you like couples then you are that kind of unicorn. We made you a shirt. It is that kind of unicorn shirt. That is what it says anyway.
Then again, it doesn’t actually specify the type of unicorn we are talking about so you could just say you are the type of unicorn that farts rainbows if the person asking isn’t someone you wish to spell the beans to.

Since we really wanted you to have this design we have multiple shirt options to choose from plus a hoodie.

That kind of unicorn shirt for women in the swinger lifestyle

Purchase Links:

That kind of unicorn basic soft-style T-shirt (Low-cost unisex cut basic tee)

High-waisted that kind of unicorn shirt (sherbert – one color only)

I’m that kind of unicorn back print shirt (extra soft and the design is printed on the sleeve as well)

That kind of unicorn flowy tank top

That kind of unicorn hoodie

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