The Stag T-shirt

The Stag T-shirt features a bold design Stag. It says The Stag and you can find a tiny Vixen on the Stag’s mind.┬áThis one was made specifically for Stag husbands who constantly have their Vixen wives on their minds. We liked this one so much that we made multiple shirt versions, hoodies, and an embroidered hat with the design smaller.

The Stag T-shirt

The T-shirt heavyweight version is shown above, The Stag back print Zip up hoodie features the design on the back large and on the front small. The version shown below is the basic shirt. We wanted all Stags who love their Vixens to be able to get this shirt so we made sure to do a basic 100% version tee which is more economical simply because it is a thinner fabric than the heavyweight version. It still looks and wears great.

The Stag basic T-shirt lower cost Stag and Vixen shirts.

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The Stag heavyweight Tee

The Stag Basic T-shirt

The Stag Long Sleeve T-shirt

The Stag hoodie

The Stag back print Zip up hoodie

The Stag emblem low profile dad style hat

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