Delicious Cream Pies Diner T-shirt

Like a nice cream pie? This is our Delicious Cream Pies Diner T-shirt.
Some people really enjoy cream pies. Some even get into making them and serving them up to others.
It can even be a satisfying experience to just look at a nice cream pie.
The same can be said of a cool retro diner. Nostalgia for some, just interesting for others.
Both things go together in this shirt design.
The design features an old-school diner with a neon sign advertising cream pies for just $5.
It is printed on the left front chest area of this classic cut T-shirt.

Here is a nice closeup of the design.

Delicious Cream Pies Diner T-shirt closeup of design by Vixen Games

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Delicious Cream Pies Diner T-shirt

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